Commercial Windows Glass Repair Services

We at Metro Windows & Glass Repair are here to help your business in any glass reparation or replacement needed. There is no small or big job for our company. Our people are well trained for any glass job. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will answer your call within seconds! Call now (202) 888-4047 for DC and (703) 586-5537 for VA

Emergency Glass Repair and Board-up

Broken windows, doors or glasses require a board-up as soon as possible to make sure all your merchandise is secure.Metro Windows & Glass Repair is specialized at boarding-up business right after any incident.

Commercial Glass Repair Service

We have worked with several businesses in the past restoring damaged glasses. We are a 24/7 business to help businesses in any glass repair emergency.

Storefront Glass Repair & Replacement

Storefront is the first thing people see of your business, so it needs to be beautifully maintained. Whether you want to replace it or just a little bit of repair, let us know!

Broken Storefront Glass Door Repair & Replacement

Storefront glass door are exposed to people and objects day and night, so they tend to be broken or damaged overtime. We can repair or replace any storefront glass door any time of the day, or night!

Office Glass Door Repair & Replacement

Offices are where business owners meet other business men and sign contracts. An office just can’t have a glass door damaged. It does not look professional! Call us now!

Frameless Toughened/Tempered Glass Installation/Repair

We work with the most specialized people to do this type of job. If your business needs an installation or repair on any tempered glass, you need to let the experts to do it. Our team at Metro Windows & Glass Repair is more than happy to help.

Sliding Glass Door Repair & Replacement

In any business, sliding glass doors need to be working properly since it can cause injury to anyone. If your sliding glass door at your business is having any problem, or any glass is broken or damaged, just let us know.

Broken Glass Top Table Repair & Replacement

If your meeting glass table just got broken, call us and we will fix it immediately right before that important conference. No one will notice it!

For appointment scheduling or Free Estimate, Call now (202) 888-4047 for DC and (703) 586-5537 for VA;
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