Residential Windows Glass Repair Services

The beauty of Metro Windows & Glass Repair is that we don’t see the size of the job, but the necessity. We help restoring any damaged glass or window at your home at any time!Call now (202) 888-4047 for DC and (703) 586-5537 for VA

Residential Window Glass Repair & Replacement

Our team can fix or replace from the bathroom small window to the frameless window in your lounge.

Residential Glass Repair & Replacement

There are so many glass objects at your house that can be broken or damaged. If you are looking to repair or replace any of them, Metro Windows & Glass Repair can help you do it at the lowest price!

Emergency Glass Repair & Board-up

Broken windows, doors or glasses require most of the time a board-up ASAP to secure all your belongings. Metro Windows & Glass Repair is specialized to do the job.

Shower Door Installation

Changing or replace a door glass may sound an easy task, but it is not. It requires a perfect length and a perfect cut. Metro Windows & Glass Repair members are so familiar with it that can do it within a few minutes!

Foggy Window Glass Repair & Replacement

Some windows in homes tend to become hazy over time. If this case happens to your window glass, don’t worry- Metro Windows & Glass Repair can repair or replace those cloudy windows within minutes!

Frameless Shower Door Installation

You want your shower to have a beautiful frameless door? I’ll tell you a secret. We have the lowest installation price!

Frameless Shower Door Repair & Replacement

Whether you decide to repair or replace your frameless shower door, we can help you do it. Frameless shower door repair/replacement is one of our biggest strengths!

Storm Window Glass Repair & Replacement

Our group of experts can help to repair or replace any storm window of your home according to your needs.

Table Top Glass Repair & Replacement

Table top glasses are one of the most delicate accessories in our homes. We can replace yours or even better, make that old one look like knew!

Mirror Repair & Replacement

We have to have a special care when working with mirrors. Fortunately, our team knows it. If you want any mirror repair or replacement work, you’d better call the experts of Metro Windows & Glass Repair.

Glass Door Repair & Replacement

If you ever need a door repair or replacement. Just contact us and let the experts of Metro Windows & Glass Repair do what they are better at for an unimaginable price!

Sliding Window Glass Repair & Replacement

Sliding windows are wonderful details in your home, especially if that glass is shining. If you are not happy with that not-so-shiny-glass, we can replace it, or repair it at an incredible price!

For appointment scheduling or Free Estimate, Call now (202) 888-4047 for DC and (703) 586-5537 for VA;
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